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New Year - New Purpose

Richard Staveley

What do you have planned for 2024? Have you set about propelling your career in a new direction or resolved to accelerate the achievements you want to make in your current role? The guiding principle in answering these questions is to identify your professional purpose. Transitioning to a new role is one element of the work we do with clients at AGM Transitions. Equally it might mean staying where you are. If so, we also use our well-regarded sounding board work to accelerate your business effectiveness. Both activities sharpen your sense of purpose.

We have had some illuminating conversations in the past year at the networking events we have run. These events are geared for leaders for whom a sense of purpose has been linked to the aims of their organisations. Climate change mitigation through business mechanisms was described as we heard about the innovation associated with carbon offsets. Another key topic to emerge in business in 2023 was the business response to the arrival of AI.  We enjoyed a lively debate about AI and enhanced productivity; how to regulate AI; and the tension between human creativity and AI’s capability to be creative.

We facilitate regular meetings with AGM Transitions' clients – both formal and informal. Our clients set their own aspirations in the context of the network we enable them to join. What has shone through is the sense that values define the route to purpose. The purpose itself, however, is personal to each of us. The drive to achieve it comes from a sense of curiosity and the desire to make an impact.  At AGM Transitions we support leaders in both identifying their purpose and aligning it to their careers. Our clients work hard! We are there to sit alongside them, challenging, reacting and supporting so that they end up pursuing their professional purpose with renewed vigour.


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