Our clients are now seldom focused on one location or function. They are looking for a mix of roles in the future.  They rely on us to provide confidential space for their thinking. Any communication back to sponsoring companies will come from the clients.


Our carefully selected pool of associates enables us to work with multi-national organisations and their senior executives, providing deep sectoral knowledge, functional skill and cultural awareness. Our associates also bring local knowledge as well as advanced cultural and language skills.

Since AGM Transitions was founded in 2004, our client base has changed significantly in response to market needs:

  • the majority of our clients are now organisations (rather than individuals) engaging our services on behalf of their very best senior people.

  • the majority of our clients and associates are now based outside the UK.  

  • our clients are looking for individual and group support in many situations

AGM Transitions has a rigorous system of quality assurance to guarantee the highest standards of delivery. These are reflected in our terms of business which are available on request.

Set out below is a selection of companies where our clients and alumni are currently working or have recently worked.