We create career strategies for individual leaders. These strategies must be well-messaged and reflect conscious career choices. We focus our clients on implementing these strategies over the short-, medium- and long-term.  We continue our work as transition requirements evolve.  We leverage a range of networks including 10,000 alumni across diverse types of organisation, industry sectors and geographies to support individuals in the next phase of their career.
We are engaged by either organisations or individual leaders to provide a confidential space for the individual to tackle challenges such as:
  • optimising impact in role

  • enhancing competitive edge

  • managing stakeholders; and

  • maintaining focus on longer-term objectives in the face of short term demands


Right from the start, we define and agree desired outcomes, then track progress against hard metrics.

We support groups throughout their corporate transformations. Our work includes building an e-learning agenda to drive consistency of management practice across your organisation. A key element of this agenda includes e-coaching and an interactive e-learning platform. Our succession planning approach ensures a phased renewal of the leadership team over time as part of the effective implementation of an evolving business plan over time. 

We realise that acquisitions pose a major challenge to organisational culture and focus on the integration of teams into one coordinated leadership cadre. With board capability, we have learned that boards need to rise to the challenges which their business presents. We assess the continuing capability of boards and their effective interaction with their executive teams. 

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