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Over the next year we will be releasing 24 videos, one every fortnight, to help people interested in our work to understand more about our business.

Mark bought the business 6 years ago and has been working with Ken for over 4 years. He brings some 30 years of business experience working in a range of different geographies in HR and general management roles in France, Germany, Spain, the UK, the US and Asia. His sectoral experience includes financial services, manufacturing, FMCG and retail. He has used this wide range of geographies and sectors to great effect in engaging with the senior leadership of various international organisations.

Ken has worked in a range of professional services firms at partner level. He is a qualified accountant who has spent a number of years in large and boutique investment banks, particularly in the energy sector but also in financial services. He has also worked for the majority of his career outside the UK, including 6 years in the Middle East which he left to work with Mark and 7 years in Switzerland, where he grew up.

The main objective of our videos is to share our thinking behind career transitions although they will go well beyond this. We will discuss our experiences of different types of transitions, using case studies of clients whom we have supported in transition in a variety of circumstances. An increasing amount of our work is with clients in-role; we call this “sounding board” which helps our clients to be more effective in-role within their own organisations. We will also tackle complex themes such as board effectiveness, diversity, and succession planning as well as transitions which cross sectors, geographies and generations.


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