Career transitions

We respond to specific profiles in a highly differentiated way. We provide structure and rigour to systematically uncover what they are good at and what they enjoy. This is done through a series of reflective, analytical and feedback exercises. Developing the components of a successful transition requires a structured communication plan producing well messaged short-, medium- and long-term career plans and supporting documentation. We typically work for a year with our clients whether helping them to find a new role, move between market sectors or transition into and manage a mix of opportunities such as non-executive roles.  


Based on our knowledge of global markets, current talent requirements and business trends, we arrange a number of targeted conversations with members of the AGM Transitions networks (over 10,000 alumni across diverse types of organisation, industry sectors and geographies). We would also connect clients as appropriate to executive search consultants. These alumni are specifically chosen for their background and relevance to the individual’s career plan. We then remain by our client’s side, providing bespoke research on specific opportunities, helping them to prepare for key discussions including interviewing, negotiating and prioritising the timing and content of offers.


Whilst we never guarantee that our clients will land the role(s) they desire, much value is added during their work with us. Our clients:

  • have a strong sense of direction in an increasingly competitive market

  • are more concise, clear and relevant in their messaging; and

  • are more strongly networked.

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