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Business Principles

AGM Transitions is the trading name of Crescendo Board Practice LLP. 

Working to our Business principles, we will always:


  1. Carry appropriate indemnity insurance to cover the work we do. Any perceived failure by AGM Transitions to operate to high standards of integrity, service or behaviour should be notified to us as soon as possible, so that the matter can be addressed quickly and effectively.

  2. Aim to provide outstanding value for money to our clients by operating with high integrity, confidentiality and professionalism. We recognise that the optimum way to generate future business is to ensure that we have delighted clients, who recommend us to other organisations and individuals. Endeavour to ensure healthy and safe conditions wherever we conduct our business

  3. Respect client confidential information as well as the dignity, privacy and rights of individuals. No information will be disclosed to any third party without prior permission except if required by law.  We will collect, store and process our clients’, prospective clients’, network contacts’ and associates’ data in accordance with our Privacy Policy that can be found on our website.

  4. Undertake to deal with all individuals fairly, irrespective of race, colour, creed, gender, age or disability. We will not engage in any activity which might be regarded as harassment or seeking unfair advantage by whatever means. We will also highlight any inappropriate activity that we encounter in the course of our business activities.

  5. Seek an open and unambiguous relationship with all of our stakeholders (including clients and suppliers) to ensure that misunderstandings are avoided and that our terms of business are clearly understood.

  6. Ensure that the intellectual property of third parties from whom we obtain licenses is fully protected by complying with the relevant terms of their licence.

  7. Aim to act responsibly towards our stakeholders and the community at large and to respect the environment.


  • The arrangements that apply during our assignments, including scope, timing and agreed deliverables, are set out in a proposal or equivalent letter of confirmation to ensure that each party's obligations and responsibilities, including any risks or key assumptions, are explicit, mutually understood and agreed.


  • We charge fees at rates agreed for each client assignment. These fees are stated net of relevant local taxes and are due and payable within 15 days of commencing the assignment. We do not work on commission or on a contingent basis.


  • Separate from our fees, we are also entitled to charge travel, accommodation, subsistence and other expenditure necessarily incurred in carrying out our assignments. Such costs, and the fact that they are likely to be incurred, are agreed with the client beforehand. We will only charge travelling expenses for services delivered outside the Greater London area.


  • We do not charge for time spent travelling within the Greater London area, or for additional hours worked beyond our standard 8 hour day; nor do we charge for overtime hours worked above a standard day. We will be reimbursed for travelling time that exceeds 4 hours to or from the client’s site, at rates agreed in our engagement letter.  


  • We will be reimbursed for the cost of economy air travel within 3 hours’ flying time from London and business class travel for flights longer than 3 hours from London.  The cost of first class rail travel will be reimbursed outside Greater London. Car mileage will be reimbursed at a rate of GBP 0.63 per mile, or equivalent per kilometre in other currencies.


  • We will submit invoices in accordance with client engagement agreements signed at the start of an assignment. All invoices are subject to VAT or other local taxes at the prevailing rate. Terms of settlement are set out in the invoice.


  • We prefer to invoice clients in pounds sterling. When clients require us to invoice them in other currencies, we will notify them before invoicing of the currency conversation rate which shall include bank charges or other costs of conversion from the other currency into pounds sterling.


  • Unless advised otherwise, all work will be carried out by the partners or associates of AGM Transitions. If an assignment requires additional resources, we will agree potential individuals with the client beforehand to ensure no compromise on delivery quality.


  • We pay our suppliers and associates within the time specified in their own terms and conditions of business, or as varied by mutual agreement.

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